Jakob McKay | Counting the days

Just had myself another look at Jakob McKay's MySpace profile page, but there continues to be very little information on there at all. There's a large text post there which says, Jake counting the days, so I'm thinking that maybe he did alright during the preliminary portion of American Idol. I mean, that's how it works, right?

The auditions took place quite a long time ago, mid to late 2008, I think, and after those auditions were over, then people basically already knew if they'd be heading over to Hollywood or not. So I'm thinking Jakob McKay auditioned in 2008, and probably got through to the Hollywood stage. But then I don't think that part happens in 2009, right? I mean, I'm under the impression that the entire Hollywood portion already took place back in 2008, those several weeks (Is it several weeks?) of auditioning in front of the 3 judges (I wonder if they did groups again. I don't like the group performances for Hollywood so I'd rather they just not have that.), at the end of which they make the contestants stand in 2 lines (Step forward or step back.) and then tell some of them to go home, while the rest stay on to keep their American Idol dreams alive.

And then, of the bunch left over at the end, they do the whole judges arguing over who stays and who goes (complete with Polaroids, I think ... cue the suspenseful music), after which they call the contestants up the elevator, into the room and tell them their fate.

So I'm thinking that Jakob McKay's probably already been through all the American Idol suspense, and been told his fate. So the fact that he's counting the days on his profile page tells me that he probably did himself proud in Hollywood. But we'll see.