Jakob McKay

One of the persons being tipped to have gone past the audition stage of American Idol Season 8 is someone named Jakob McKay. Some of the basic information out on him so far is as follows. He's 23 years old. His audition took place in Glendale, Arizona, the song he sang at the audition was Against All Odds. The guy's got a MySpace profile, but it's set to private so no real information there. That looks to be pretty much it so far.

Well, it looks like it's Jakob's first time to audition for American Idol since his name doesn't seem to be associated with any of the previous seasons. That's a good thing. He's someone fresh, someone new. He doesn't have any negative baggage to overcome or get over from some previous audition failure or Hollywood hiccup. There's no bad first impression with either the American Idol judges or the voters at large. So he still has a chance to make a great first impression here. So that means that the focus really will be his first audition video, and how well he does there. Is it just barely enough to get him past the panel, to Hollywood? Or is it something mindblowing? Something that'll make people sit up and take notice, and remember the name, Jakob McKay?

Here's to hoping that Jakob McKay makes a great first impression on the American Idol public.


  1. I sent Jakob a message on his myspace page, and he actually answered me back. I said that I was having trouble waiting too, and he answered me back, saying "Waiting for what?" I wrote back saying, "American Idol. The internet abounds with spoilers these days."

  2. Do you know what city he auditioned in?